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RWRG0004 - Clutch Housing Gasket Leak RWRG0007 - Leaking Heat Exchanger (Internal) RWRG0031 - Splitter, Cylinder, Dry / Oil Ingestion on 13 - 18 Speeds RWRG0032 - Loose output shaft nut RWRG0034 - Output seal leakage RWRG0040 - Low range synchronizer failure RWRG0042 - Air filter regulator failure RWRG0043 - High range synchronizer failure RWRG0060 - Auxiliary case to main case gasket leak RWRG0001 - Auxiliary drive gear bearing failure RWRG0002 - Auxiliary countershaft bearing failure RWRG0003 - Auxiliary drive gear bearing failure RWRG0006 - Air module failure RWRG0012 - Range yoke snap ring failure RWRG0016 - Front countershaft bearing failure RWRG0017 - Front countershaft bearing failure RWRG0018 - Front section countershaft loose gears RWRG0033 - Output Bearing Failure RWRG0020 - Lever entrapment / lever escapes from shift blocks RWRG0027 - Input shaft breakage RWRG0052 - Broken spring cover RWRG0053 - Broken damper spring-7 spring damper RWRG0054 - Broken hub rivets-7 spring damper RWRG0045 - Broken cam spring RWRG0037 - Towing damage RWRG0038 - Transmission overheating RWRG0046 - Idle rattle RWRG0047 - Seized solo adjusting cam RWRG0049 - Broken intermediate plate aluminum ring RWRG0051 - Splitter complaint - fault code 42 RWRG0056 - Range shift complaints - fault code 41 RWRG0063 - Range shift complaint - fault code 43 RWRG0071 - Transmission electronic control unit fault code 11 FMI 12 Fault code 11 troubleshooting RWRG0072 - Fault code 46 pre-authorization Fault code 46 troubleshooting RWRG0075 - Input shaft speed sensor pre-authorization Fault code 56 troubleshooting RWRG0076 - Main shaft speed sensor pre-authorization Fault code 57 troubleshooting RWRG0079 - Generation 1 electronic clutch actuator (ECA) only Pre-authorized fault code 65 repair guideline Fault code 65 troubleshooting RWRG0067 - Shift complaints, no transmission fault codes
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Eaton 3S UPS | NA Eaton 5PX UPS | NA Eaton 5P UPS | NA Eaton 9130 UPS | NA Eaton 5S UPS | NA Eaton Basic Rack PDU | NA Eaton Metered Input Rack PDU | NA Eaton Managed Rack PDU | NA Eaton ATS Rack PDU | NA Eaton FlexPDU & HotSwap MBP | NA Eaton Metered Outlet Rack PDU | NA Eaton Bypass Power Module | NA Eaton Network Card-MS | NA Eaton 93PM UPS | NA Eaton 5SC UPS | NA Eaton 9PX UPS | NA Eaton BladeUPS Power Xpert 9395 UPS family Eaton REPO Rack PDU | NA Eaton Fuse Disconnect Rack PDU | NA Eaton Intelligent Power Manager Eaton Intelligent Power Protector Environmental Monitoring Probe for UPS | NA Environmental Monitoring Probe for rack PDUs | NA Eaton 9130 Tower UPS Eaton 9155 UPS Eaton 9155 Marine UPS | EMEA & NA Eaton 9355 UPS Eaton 9390 UPS Eaton 93E UPS Eaton 9PHD Marine UPS | EMEA & NA Eaton Emergency Lighting UPS Eaton FERRUPS Tower UPS Eaton PDU Cables and Accessories Eaton Legacy Rack PDU Models Eaton Rack Power Module Eaton Power Distribution Rack Eaton Power Distribution Unit Eaton Remote Power Panel Eaton Static Transfer Switch Eaton 9170+ UPS Energy Management System (EMS) Upgrade Kit Eaton Visual Power Manager (VPM) | NA Eaton Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM) Eaton PredictPulse | NA Eaton UPS Companion | NA Eaton 9PXM UPS | NA Eaton ConnectUPS-E Web/SNMP Device Eaton Modbus Card Eaton Network and Modbus Card-MS Eaton Expansion Chassis Eaton Relay Card-MS Eaton X-Slot Relay Interface Card Eaton Industrial Relay Card-MS Eaton Power Xpert Gateway UPS X-Slot Card | NA Eaton Power Xpert Gateway PDP Card | NA Eaton 9SX UPS | NA Eaton Gigabit Network Card | NA Eaton Eclipse surge suppressor Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe Gen 2 | NA Connected prefabricated power solutions Centralized prefabricated power solutions Contained prefabricated power solutions Eaton High Density rack PDU Power Xpert Gateway Mini-slot UPS Card | NA Eaton ConnectUPS-BD Web/SNMP Card | NA Eaton BestLink Web/SNMP Adapter | NA Eaton X-Slot Industrial Relay Card | NA Power Xpert 9395P High Performance UPS | NA Eaton 9315 UPS Eaton Industrial Gateway Card | NA Eaton Ferrups FX UPS TANlock by Eaton | NA Eaton PDI WaveStar Infinity Monitoring System Eaton PDI BCMS Kit Eaton PDI BCMS Hub Eaton PDI JCOMM Eaton PDI Static Transfer Switch Eaton PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch Eaton PDI PowerHub 2 PDU Eaton PDI PowerPak 2 PDU Eaton PDI PowerPak PDU Eaton PDI Modular Compact RPP Eaton PDI PowerPak RPP Eaton PDI Wall Mount RPP Eaton PDI MCRPP Quick Ship Program
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Electrical circuit protection
Series C molded case circuit breakers Series G molded case circuit breakers Mining molded case circuit breakers NZM molded case circuit breakers Power Defense molded case circuit breakers Engine generator molded case circuit breakers DC and PVGard molded case circuit breakers Navy and marine molded case circuit breakers Series NRX circuit breakers Magnum circuit breakers DS/DSII circuit breakers MV VCP-T vacuum circuit breakers MV VCP-W vacuum circuit breakers MV VCPW-HD vacuum circuit breakers OEM components product portfolio Arcflash relays BushingGard Classic CH relays (EOL) Distribution relays Generator relays InsulGard Motor relays Transform controllers Transformer relays Medium voltage generator breakers Medium voltage mining circuit breakers Medium voltage wind circuit breakers Custom vacuum interrupters Series 8 vacuum interrupters Residential circuit breakers CH Circuit Breakers BR Circuit Breakers Main Circuit Breakers Classified Circuit Breakers Bus Differential Relays Power Defense insulated case circuit breaker High Amp Circuit Breakers Heavy Duty Circuit Breakers BAB bolt-on miniature circuit breakers QC cable-In cable-Out FAZ cable-In cable-out Clamped EBMXB Explosionproof Circuit Breakers EBMB Explosionproof Circuit Breakers EFD and EFDC Explosionproof Circuit Breakers EIB Explosionproof Compact Circuit Breakers FLB Explosionproof Circuit Breakers NCB Non-metallic Circuit Breakers STE Encapsulated Hazardous Area Main Breakers Energy management circuit breaker Encapsulated NEC Miniature Circuit Breakers Encapsulated NEC Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Electronic components
B Supercapacitor HB Supercapacitor HV Supercapacitor KR Supercapacitor KW Supercapacitor M Supercapacitor PB Supercapacitor PHB Supercapacitor PHV Supercapacitor PM Supercapacitor TV Supercapacitor XB Supercapacitor XL60 Supercapacitor XLM Supercapacitor module XLR Supercapacitor module XT Supercapacitor XV Supercapacitor XVM Supercapacitor module 26 Watt PoE Transformers 1384X Edge connector 15104 Edge connector Header EuroMag terminal block Plugs EuroMag terminal block High current EuroMag terminal block Screwless EuroMag terminal block 4-13 Watt PoE Transformer CL Inductor CLA Inductor Cage and screw EuroMag terminal block CLB Inductor Common mode inductor Spring and Screw EuroMag terminal block Tiered EuroMag terminal block A1 and CB11 Single row terminal block CPL Inductor Custom Designs A2, LP2 and CB2 Single row terminal block DR Inductor DRA Inductor A3, LP3 and CB3 Single row terminal block DRAQ Inductor DRQ Inductor Econo-pac (EP) Inductor A38 and B38 Single row terminal block FP Inductor FP2 Inductor FP3 Inductor FP4 Inductor A4 and B4 Single row terminal block FPT Inductor FPV Inductor HC1 Inductor HC2LP Inductor A0 and CB0 Single row terminal block HC3 Inductor HC7 Inductor HC8 Inductor HC8LP Inductor PTR016V Resettable device HC9 Inductor PTR030V Resettable device HCF Inductor HCM Inductor PTR060V Resettable device HCM1A Inductor PTS0805 Resettable device HCMA Inductor PTS1206 Resettable device HCP Inductor PTS1812 Resettable device HCPT Inductor HCV Inductor IC Reference Designs MLVA-R Overvoltage ESD protection LCPI Inductor LD Inductor MP2A Inductor MLVB Overvoltage ESD protection MPI Inductor MPIA Inductor Octa-Pac (OP) Inductor RL Inductor SD Inductor SDQ Inductor PolySurg ESD Supressor UP Inductor TVS Diodes | High Power VP Transformer 1AXXXX Fuse clip H15 Fuse holder HB Fuse holder HFA Fuse holder HFB Fuse holder HHB Fuse holder HHF-JFCU Fuse holder HHK Fuse holder HHN Fuse holder HHT Fuse holder HJL Fuse holder HJM Fuse holder HK Fuse holder HKP Fuse holder HLD Fuse holder HMR Fuse holder HR and HM Fuse holder HRK Fuse holder HTB Fuse holder HTC-15M Fuse holder HTC-200M and HTC-210M Fuse clip HTC-60M Fuse holder S-8000 Fuse holder ABC Fuse AGA Fuse AGC Fuse AGW Fuse GBB Fuse MDA Fuse MDL Fuse MDQ Fuse MDH Fuse SFE Fuse TCP70 Fuse TDC180 Fuse AGX Fuse GMA Fuse GMC Fuse GMD Fuse GDA Fuse GDB Fuse GDC Fuse S500 Fuse S501 Fuse S505 Fuse S505SC Fuse S505H Fuse S505SCH Fuse S506 Fuse C515 Fuse C517 Fuse C518 Fuse C519 Fuse C520 Fuse C308F Fuse C310FH Fuse C310T-SC Fuse SS-5 Fuse SS-5F Fuse SS-5H Fuse SR-5 Fuse SR-5F Fuse SR-5H Fuse PC-Tron Fuse SS-5FH Fuse 0603FA Fuse CC06H Fuse CC12H Fuse 3216FF Fuse 3216TD Fuse 3216LV Fuse CB61F Fuse 6125TD Fuse 1025HC Fuse 1025TD Fuse 6125FF Fuse 1025FA Fuse TCP Fuse HCM1AV2 Inductor XLCM (XLM Module cabinet) XVM PCBA Supercapacitor module MCL Inductors WCL Inductor XLR-LV Supercapacitor module XTM-18 Supercapacitor module MCLA Inductor WCLA Inductor ACE Inductor PTV Supercapacitor 0603HV Fuse CC06FA Fuse GBA and GLD Fuse TDC600 Fuse TDC10/11 Fuse GMW Fuse HGA and HGB Fuse holder HHJ and HHI Fuse holder HVP Fuse holder PTSLR0805 PTC Resettable fuse PTSLR1206 PTC Resettable fuse PTSLR1210 PTC Resettable fuse PTSLR1812 PTC Resettable fuse HTC-78M PCB fuse block Hybrid supercapacitors BK-PCS PCB mount fuse holder HVI In-line fuse holder MFB Inductor TVS Diodes | ESD suppressors S520 5x20mm fuse EPM DC-DC Converter EXL Inductor MLV Overvoltage protection 1245HC SMD Fuse S-4000 Fuse block HTC-518M and HTC-528 Fuse block HTC Panel mount fuse holder HTJ Panel mount fuse holder HPS and HPG Panel mount fuse holder MOVS Metal oxide varistors PHVL Supercapacitor 1145HV and 1350HV SMD fuse 1145HVA SMD fuse
EV fuses | eMobility | Eaton 48-volt systems 2-speed | EV transmission | Eaton 4-speed | EV transmission | Eaton 6-speed | EV transmission | Eaton High-voltage inverter | eMobility | Eaton 48V inverter | eMobility | Eaton High-voltage DC/DC converter | eMobility | Eaton 48v DC/DC converter | eMobility | Eaton On-board charger | eMobility | Eaton Integrated power electronics | eMobility | Eaton Power distribution unit | Passive | Eaton Breaktor | EV | Protection | Eaton Supercapacitor | Energy storage | EV | Eaton Intelligent power distribution unit | Active | Eaton Series 12000 battery equalizer FLEX power distribution unit (PDU) Heavy duty EV transmission Series 12000 DC converter Series 12040 DC converter Trail charger Series 12040E10 battery equalizer Series 21030 battery equalizer (21030E10) Series 21000 battery equalizer (21060E00, 21080E00, 21100E00) True sine wave inverter DC current sensor Battery separators Interconnect controller Battery isolators Low voltage disconnects Solid state flashers Daytime running light (DLR) controls Keypad Electronic Switch Modules - E31 Electronic switch modules - E32 Electronic Switch Modules - E33 NGR SVR (Sealed vehicle rocker) Dual motion safety switch 1500/2500 Series 1600/2600 Series Rockette X Series rockers 8006/8007 EURO SR 8004/8005 Euro full-size 8064/8065 Esport Military purpose toggles Illuminated AC rated switches AC rated general purpose switches General purpose toggles AC/DC rated X Series toggle switches Heavy duty hesitation switches Wiper and dimmer controls Rotary wiper control switch AC/DC rated push button switches Illuminated AC/DC rated push button switches Series 21000 DC converters Series 31000 - VEC (Single vehicle electrical center) Series 31s - ssVEC (Severe service vehicle electrical center) Series 31m - mVEC (Multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center) Series 32000 - DVEC (Dual Vehicle Electrical Center) Series 32s - ssDVEC (Severe Service Dual Vehicle Electrical Center) VEC connector (32004-xx power connector) VEC connector (32006-xx output connector) 2.8mm blade plug-in electrical components (series 229) / VEC optional components Series 15300 - RTMR (Rear terminal mini fuse & relay) Series 15310 - 60-position RTMR (Rear terminal mini fuse & relay) Series 15400 - RFRM (Rear-fed Fuse & Relay Module) PDM-AMI Series (Multiple fuse holder family) Series LMG (Multiple AMG fuse holder) Series LMI (Configurative AMI fuse holder system) Series 15700 - RTA (Rear Terminal ATC Fuse Panel) Series 15600 (ATC Type Fuse Panel) Series 37700 - PFM/PRM (Power Fuse and Power Relay Modules) HMG Fuse Holder FMG Fuse Holder Series CFH (Connector Fuse Holder) Inline fuse holders Stud type junction blocks GB3000 series (Pass-thru distribution block) Battery Disconnect Switch (Series 15250) MINI Blade Fuses Series 21X (Mini circuit breakers) ATC blade fuses Series 22x (Circuit breakers) Series 227 (ATC circuit breakers - low profile) MAXI blade fuses Series 19x (MAXI circuit breakers) Series 12X (Shortstop Circuit Breakers) Series 25x mid-range circuit breakers Series 18x Hi-Amp circuit breaker Series 187 marine rated circuit breaker (MRCB) AMI series (SAE/ISO SF30 fuse) AMG series (SAE/ISO SF51 fuse) Marine rated battery fuse (MRBF) TD1140 two-way handheld remote control TD3200 remote control with color lcd display T110 hand held 10/20-function radio remote control transmitter T150 Portable 14-Function Radio Remote Control T151 one-way mini belly pack radio remote T300 one-way small belly pack radio remote Battery cover with magnetic back T110 CCDock Strap kit ( works with T110, TD110 and TD1140) T1XX leather pouch w/belt Clip Belly Pack Shoulder Strap (works with T300 and TD3100) Tethered cable R260 programmable 20-function CAN controller R170 one-way CAN radio receiver Antenna kit, 2.4GHz, 6' Output cable Antenna kit, 900MHz, 6' R160 one-way analog/digital radio receiver D160 19-function expansion module radio remote control D180 14-Proportional Function Expansion Module Radio Remote Control TD110 two-way handheld remote TD2100 two-way handheld remote TD3100 small belly pack R270 remote control receiver
PTB and PTC Pull boxes RS Junction Boxes | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton WAB Junction Boxes | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton WJB Junction boxes WJBF Junction boxes ECP Explosionproof enclosures EGJ Explosionproof junction boxes EJB Explosionproof enclosures GUA Explosionproof junction boxes with union hubs GUB Explosionproof equipment housings GUE and GUB Explosionproof junction boxes GUP Compact explosionproof junction boxes EJB Explosionproof custom built control panels EJB and EJW IEC Ex d explosion protected enclosures EJBA IEC Ex d explosion protected enclosures GHG64 IEC Ex d explosion protected enclosures GUB/GUBA IEC ATEX Enclosures | Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 | Eaton Ex-CELL Stainless Steel Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton N-TB Stainless Steel Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton QBX Stainless Steel Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton STB Stainless Steel Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Pauluhn Round Marine Junction Boxes | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Pauluhn Rectangular Marine Junction Boxes | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FSJ Compact Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FPB/FMP Pusbutton Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FJ Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FRCJ Raised Cover Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FXD Extra Deep Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FAH Advantage Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton F3 and F4 Wall Mount Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton FDC Disconnect & Circuit Breaking Fiberglass Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton NJB and NC Nonmetallic Junction Boxes | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton NJBW Nonmetallic Instrument Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton GHG74 IEC Ex e Terminal Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton GboX IEC Ex e Nonmetallic Terminal Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton TBF and TBP Nonmetallic Enclosures | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton EIH and EIHT explosionproof instrument enclosures EMH Explosionproof instrument enclosures GUB Explosionproof instrument enclosures GUBA IECEx explosion protected instrument enclosures Type 4 Free standing and wall mount panel enclosures Type 4X Free standing and wall mount panel enclosures Panel enclosure accessories CID 101 corrosion inhibitor device Fiberglass enclosure accessories Grounding Plates and Grounding Bushings Push button enclosures Console enclosures & accessories Consolet enclosures Wall mounted disconnect enclosure Ground mounted disconnect enclosure Type 1 junction boxes Type 3/3R junction boxes Type 1 panel enclosures Type 3/3R panel enclosures Utility enclosures B-Line series Type 12 panel enclosures Type 4 panel electrical box | Type 4 panel cabinet | Eaton B-Line series Type 4X panel enclosures B-Line series enclosure accessories Small fiberglass junction enclosures JIC fiberglass enclosure Pushbutton fiberglass enclosures Premier series fiberglass enclosures Wall mount and ground mount fiberglass panel enclosures Wireway systems and accessories B-Line series mounting panels Enclosure climate control Wiring trough B-Line series fiberglass panels and accessories Polycarb Enclosures AboX IEC Ex e Explosion Protected Aluminum Terminal Enclosures
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Filters and strainers
DUOLINE ECOLINE FLOWLINE FLOWLINE II MAXILINE MBF HE  MAXILINE MBF HD  MAXILINE VMBF  MAXILINE MDE MAXILINE VMDE MODULINE POLYLINE PROLINE SIDELINE TOPLINE Spare Parts Bag Filter Housing BECO INTEGRA CART KA BECO INTEGRA CART KB BECO INTEGRA CART KLAV BECO INTEGRA CART KK BECO INTEGRA DISC MB BECO INTEGRA CART KLO BECO INTEGRA DISC MA BECO INTEGRA DISC MP BECO INTEGRA PLATE 200 EP/OEP BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 DC BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 DP BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 EC BECO INTEGRA PLATE A400 EP/OEP BECO INTEGRA PLATE A600 DC BECO INTEGRA PLATE A600 DP BECO INTEGRA PLATE A600 EC BECO INTEGRA PLATE A600 EP/OEP BECO INTEGRA PLATE A800 EP/OEP BECO INTEGRA PLATE A1000 EP/OEP BECO COMPACT PLATE 200 BECO COMPACT PLATE A400 BECO COMPACT PLATE A600 BECO INTEGRA SOLO BECO INTEGRA LAB 140 P BECO INTEGRA Lab 220 P BECO INTEGRA LAB 220 S BECO INTEGRA LAB 220 SP BECO INTEGRA LAB 60 P BECO Liqui Control2 BECO MAX2 BECO Control Mini US USP UMP IFPM 72 UM IFPM 32 CCS4 WSPS 05 CCM 01 CCT 01-set PAS 01-kit WAS 01-kit Type T Type TS Type L Type I Type TF Type CLC Type R Type DTL Type 40 Type AC/ACN Type 31-LSF ML, MLO AE pollution indicators AOR/AOC AS ASF/SS AV clogging indicators BFD BF-WP DA-ASME Design DSF DTEF DU DUV DWF DWFA-ASME Design E6 Eaton Spare Parts Hyd Filter EBF EDA-ASME Design EDU EDWF EH EHD EHP EHPF ELA E-O HDD HP3 HPF, HPFO HPP HPV HNU HPX MNU HPZ LF MDD MDV MF, MFO MNL NBF NF OE OP-OE SPH SPL SPM TEF TEFB TNRS TRS TRW TS TSW VS5 Sensor DCF 2000 DCF 3000 DCF 400 /800 / 1600 DCF Hot Fry Oil Filter AFC F-Series AFR MCF/MCF 824 ClearAmine Reactogard V Catalyst Protection Filters Model 2596 - 2 to 8 Inches cast version Model 2596 - 10 to 16 Inches cast version Model 2596 - 10 to 60 Inches fabricated MCS 1500 MCS 500 Model 72 Model 73 Straight Flow Model 30R (NAFTA only) Model 72L Tefzel Plastic Lined Model 72SJ Steam Jacketed Model 510 Model 90 1-48 inch Model 91 T Type 2-48 inch Model 53 BTX up to 4 inches Model 50 5-8 inch Model 570 Multi-Basket 8-24 inch Model 52 10-18 inch Model 950B Duplex Offset Strainer Quick Opening Cover (QOC) 2-24 inch Model 950B Duplex Offset Strainer Bolted Cover (BC) 2-24 inch Model 85 Y-Strainer Model 92 Temporary Pipeline Strainer Vickers Hydraulic Lubrication Filter BECO INTEGRA CART KCL BECO INTEGRA CART KHF Baskets | NAFTA BECO INTEGRA DISC MK IFPM 33
Fuel emission control
Hydraulic motors
Hydraulic pumps
Industrial Control, drives, automation & sensors
Lighting and controls
Penumbra - Exterior light Inrush limiter for led lighting Connect Wiring System - Luminaire linking for lighting controls Champ FMV LED Hazardous Area Floodlights Champ Pro PFM LED Industrial Floodlights Champ FMV nR HID Hazardous Area Floodlights Champ F2MV Mini HID Hazardous Area Floodlights Hazard-Gard EVMA Explosionproof HID Floodlights Hazard-Gard FZD Explosionproof HID Floodlights Pauluhn Achiever Marine Floodlights Pauluhn Achiever Dusttight Floodlights Pauluhn 700 Series Industrial Spot Lights Pauluhn 700 Series Hazardous Area Spot Lights Pauluhn Goliath Industrial HID Floodlights Pauluhn Goliath Hazardous Area HID Floodlights Pauluhn Vulcan Industrial HID Floodlights Pauluhn Vulcan Hazardous Area HID Floodlights Pauluhn DFL Hazardous Area HID Floodlights CEAG PXLED Explosion-protected LED Floodlights CEAG PX04 Explosion-protected HID Floodlights CEAG LPL LED Explosion-protected Floodlights Pauluhn DFL LED Hazardous Area Floodlights Champ MLL Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures Champ Pro PLL Industrial Linear LED Light Fixtures Hazard-Gard XPL Explosionproof Linear LED Light Fixtures Pauluhn Apex Industrial Linear LED Light Fixtures Pauluhn DLL Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures Pauluhn Summit Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures Pauluhn Intrepid Industrial Linear LED Light Fixtures Pauluhn ZPL Explosionproof Linear LED Light Fixtures Pauluhn ECOS Hazardous, Harsh and Marine Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn Apex Industrial Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn Intrepid Industrial Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn Summit Industrial Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn AllPro Industrial Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn WashPro Industrial Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn VersaPro Industrial Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn AllPro Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn WashPro Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn VersaPro Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn Intrepid Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn Summit Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn Apex Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn FEPR Explosionproof Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn ZonePro Explosionproof Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Pauluhn MagnaPro Linear Fluorescent Hazardous Area Light Fixtures Pauluhn DuraPro Linear Fluorescent Hazardous Area Light Fixtures Pauluhn Quantum Linear Fluorescent Hazardous Area Light Fixtures EVFT Explosionproof Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures FVS Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures CEAG ExLin Non-metallic Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures CEAG eLLK Nonmetallic Linear LED | Zone certifications| Eaton CEAG eLLK Nonmetallic Linear Fluorescent | Class and Zone certifications| Eaton CEAG eLLB20 Recessed Linear Fluorescent | Class I and Class II | Eaton CEAG nLLK Nonmetallic Linear Fluorescent | Class and Zone certifications| Eaton CEAG nLLK 15 LED Nonmetallic Linear | Zone 2 and 22 certifications| Eaton CEAG HLL LED Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures CEAG AB12 LED or Fluorescent Hazardous Area Linear Light Fixtures CEAG RLF Recessed Mount Hazardous Area Linear Fluorescent Light Fixtures Vienza LED EVH Fluorescent Portable Work Lights EVH Incandescent Portable Hand Lamps VS Incandescent Portable Hand Lamps ELG Explosionproof Gauge Light EV Explosionproof Tank Luminaires V160 Incandescent Tank Luminaire EVTL Explosionproof Task Lights Champ Pro WPMV LED industrial wallpack light fixtures HRL LED Recessed Mount Hazardous Area Light Fixtures CEAG LLK98 Non-metallic Industrial LED or Fluorescent Light Fixtures CEAG LLK15 Non-metallic Industrial LED Light Fixtures NHLL LED Zone 2 Area Linear LED Light Fixtures PLLE Industrial LED Light Fixtures CEAG EFS MS Ex-d motion sensor for Zone1/21 areas CEAG Stabex & Stabceag 0 LED Explosion-Protected torchlights CEAG SPG 1N Explosion-Protected Hanging Worklight CEAG HE 9 LED Explosion-Protected searchlights CEAG SEB Explosion-Protected searchlights CEAG Explosion-Protected LED hand and work lamps
Safety security emergency communications Safety security and emergency communications Low voltage power distribution & controls systems
Pow-R-Line Xpert commercial metering switchboards Pow-R-Line C switchboards Commercial Metering Switchboard Draw-out molded case switchboard Instant switchboard Integrated Facility Systems switchboard Pow-R-Line i (compartmentalized) Quick connect switchboards B-Line series group metering Commercial meter stacks Tenant main circuit breakers B-Line series meter breakers B-Line series meter mounting accessories B-Line series single meter socket Bussed gutter and termination cabinets Commercial meter pedestals Commercial safety sockets Current transformer metering Eaton House panel Main service modules Meter packs Eaton residential meter breaker Residential meter stacks Single meter socket Solar power centers Magnum DS Low-Voltage Switchgear Arc quenching magnum DS low-voltage switchgear Arc-resistant magnum DS low-voltage switchgear Front access magnum DS low-voltage switchgear Front access arc-resistant magnum DS low-voltage switchgear Pow-R-Line 3a Distribution Panelboards Pow-R-Line 1a lighting and appliance panelboards Pow-R-Line 3e Distribution Panelboards Pow-R-Line 2a lighting and appliance panelboards Power Xpert Meter 4000/6000/8000 Power Xpert Meter 2000 Series Power Xpert Multi-Point Meter Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor IQ 35M IQ 100/200 series Enclosed meters 100mA solid core current transformer 10mA solid core current transformer 333mV solid core current transformer 333mV split core current transformer 5A solid core current transformer 5A split core current transformer Classic IQ meters Ethernet switches Power Xpert Dashboard Power Xpert Gateway 900 Communication adapter modules Integrated Power Assemblies (e-house) Modular data center design/build services Prefabricated Power Solutions Pow-R-Line 4B Distribution Panelboards Pow-R-Line 4F Distribution Panelboards Elevator Control Panelboards Pow-R-Line 3FQS Fusible lighting and appliance panelboards Pow-R-Line 1X-LX and 2X-LX Column Lighting and Appliance Panelboards Pow-R-Line 4B Power Xpert Multipoint Metering distribution panelboards Pow-R-Line 1RX and 2RX Retrofit Lighting and Appliance Panelboards Pow-R-Line 1X, 2X and 3E BCM lighting and appliance panelboards Pow-R-Stock Plus Unassembled Panelboards Pow-R-Command 2000E Controller Pow-R-Command 1000E Controller Pow-R-Command 750E Controller Pow-R-Command Expansion Panelboard Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers and Remote Annunciators Bypass Isolation Contactor Type Automatic Transfer Switches Power frame type automatic transfer switch Bypass Isolation Power Frame Type Automatic Transfer Switches Contactor type automatic transfer switches Molded case type automatic transfer switches AC Disconnects CH Load Centers BR Load Centers Spa Panels Auxiliary power safety switches Double door switches Double throw safety switches Elevator Control Switch Heavy Duty Safety Switches with enhanced visible blade General duty safety switches NEMA Type 7/9 Disconnect Switches Heavy duty safety switches with surge protection Receptacle Safety Switches Rotary Disconnects Shunt Trip Safety Switches OEM Line Isolation Switches Solar Disconnects Pringle Bolted Pressure Contact Switches Heavy duty quick connect safety switches Heavy duty safety switches Power Xpert Meter 350 Power Xpert Meter 1000 Low voltage high resistance grounding Breaker Integrated Transformer (BIT) Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Location transformers Drive Isolation transformers General purpose encapsulated (potted) transformers Harmonic mitigating transformers Industrial control transformers K-Factor rated transformers Mini Power Centers Open core-coil transformers Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated transformers General purpose ventilated transformers MCC Aftermarket Non segregated phase bus duct Pow-R-Flex Busway Pow R Way III Busway Low voltage motor control centers Power Xpert Energy Visualization Analysis Fusible panelboard and switchboard switches Enclosed circuit breakers with Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System Pow-R-Line 1X Lighting and Appliance Panelboards Pow-R-Line 2X Lighting and Appliance Panelboards Pow-R-Line 3X Distribution Panelboards Pow-R-Line 4X Distribution Panelboards Pow-R-Line XD Compartmentalized Switchboards Pow-R-Line X General Purpose Distribution Switchboard Power Xpert Protection Manager EPC Explosionproof motor starters GHG635 Ex explosion protected motor starters FlexStation explosionproof control station components DSD Explosionproof cover and device sub-assemblies EDSCM Explosionproof modular device bodies DSD-SR Explosionproof HP rated selector switch sub-assembly EDS and EFS Explosionproof pushbutton, pilot light, and selector switch control stations EDS Explosionproof motor starter control stations EDS and EFD Explosionproof snap switches EFS Explosionproof fire alarm control stations GHG43 Ex explosion protected control stations N2FA and N2FAC Non-metallic fire alarm control stations N2S and N2SC Non-metallic control stations N2SU and N2SCU Non-metallic control stations OAC Explosionproof pushbutton and selector switch control stations D2X Hazardous Area Attachable Pendant Pushbutton Stations EGF Explosionproof Ground Fault Control Stations DSD-TS Explosionproof timers X Series attachable pendant pushbutton stations EMP and EMPS, EMPX hazardous area operators EGL Explosionproof static grounding indicators NC Non-metallic Covers for Control Stations AFA and AFAX Explosionproof Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches AFU Addressability Control Switch AFU Mine Signal Switches AFU and AFUX Explosionproof Conveyor Belt Control Switches IEC AFA Conveyor Belt Alignment Switches IEC AFT Conveyor Belt Ripped/Torn Switches IEC AFU Conveyor Belt Trip Switches Clamped EBMXS explosionproof motor starters EBMS Explosionproof motor starters EDS and EFD Explosionproof motor starters EMN Switch style explosionproof motor starters EMN IEC Pushbutton style explosionproof motor starters EMN NEMA Pushbutton style explosionproof motor starters GUSC Explosionproof manual motor starters Clamped EBMXC explosionproof combination motor starters EBMC Explosionproof combination motor starters EIC Explosionproof combination motor starters EPC Explosionproof combination motor starters XDT Hazardous area transformers D2PB hazardous area circuit breaker panelboards PowerPlus D2D hazardous area power panelboards PowerPlus EPL explosionproof lighting and heat tracing panelboards PowerPlus EXD explosionproof power panelboards SynergEX encapsulated hazardous area lighting and heat tracing panelboards XLPB industrial panelboards GUSC explosionproof circuit breaker load centers Clamped EBMXD Explosionproof Disconnect Switches EBM Series explosionproof disconnect switches EID Explosionproof, compact disconnect switches GHG26 explosion protected disconnect switches NST non-metallic disconnect switches FLS explosionproof enclosed switches N2RS Non-metallic Enclosed Switches | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton GUSC Explosionproof Snap Switches | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton GHG273 Ex-Protected Light Switch | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Pauluhn watertight snap switch Pauluhn weatherproof toggle switch Pauluhn marine interlocked disconnect switch Pauluhn interior toggle switch Pauluhn marine snap switch Pauluhn marine rotary switch Pauluhn marine rotary switch with indication light Pauluhn TG Marine Toggle Switch | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Pauluhn EP83 Explosionproof Marine Snap Switch | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Pauluhn EPCS Explosionproof Marine Snap Switch | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Switchrack Assemblies | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Custom Cable Assemblies | Crouse-Hinds series | Eaton Portable GFCI cable assemblies Posi-Max PM power distribution panel Power carts PowerPlus D2L hazardous area lighting and heat tracing panelboards Power Xpert Meter 3000 AGP17 ATEX and IEC Ex explosion-protected distribution boards Pow-R-Line Xpert 1RX and 2RX retrofit lighting and appliance panelboards Pow-R-Line Xpert 1X, 2X and 3e branch circuit monitoring lighting and appliance panelboards Pow-R-Line Xpert 1X-LX and 2X-LX column lighting and appliance panelboards Pow-R-Line Xpert 4X multipoint metering distribution panelboards Pow-R-Line Xpert generator quick connect switchboards Pow-R-Line Xpert integrated facility systems (IFS) switchboards Pow-R-Line Xpert merchandised EUSERC switchboards Replacement parts and accessories for low-voltage switchgear PDI PowerWave 2 Busway Modular Power Assembly
Medium voltage power distribution & control systems
Power Xpert XGIS gas insulated medium voltage switchgear VacClad-W 5-15 kV, 36” wide metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear VacClad-W 5-15 kV, 36" wide arc-resistant metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear VacClad-W 27 kV, 36" wide metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear VacClad-W 38 kV, 42" wide metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear VacClad-W 27 kV, 42" wide arc-resistant metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear VacClad-W 38 kV, 42" wide arc-resistant metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear VacClad-W 5 kV, 26" wide narrow design metal-clad medium-voltage switchgear Substation power centers 5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed front accessible switchgear Pad-mounted R-VAC Vacuum-Break Switch Pad-mounted Source Transfer (PST) System Pad-mounted Types PWE, PWVE Three-Phase Recloser Pad-mounted MOST Oil Switch Shrubline VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter VACpac Vacuum Switchgear VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switchgear Modular Integrated Transportable Substation Single-phase overhead voltage regulator Single-phase substation voltage regulator Underground pad-mount voltage regulator CL-7 voltage regulator control Ampgard 7.2 kV medium voltage motor control | 4160 starter | Eaton Ampgard 7.2 kV arc-resistant medium voltage motor control Ampgard 15 kV medium voltage motor control SC9000 EP medium voltage variable frequency drive SC9000 EP arc-resistant medium voltage variable frequency drive Unfused capacitor units Internally fused capacitor units Capacitor switches Pole-mounted capacitor banks Open air capacitor banks Metal-enclosed capacitor banks Mobile capacitor banks Special capacitor applications 6H, V6H three-phase reclosers D, DV single-phase reclosers E, 4E, H, 4H, L single-phase reclosers Form 4D recloser control Form 6 recloser control NOVA three-phase recloser NOVA NX-T triple-single recloser NOVA STS single-tank triple-single recloser NOVA-TS triple-single recloser SPEAR single-phase recloser and control V4H, V4E, V4L single-phase reclosers VSA three-phase recloser VSO three-phase recloser W, VW, WV, VWV three-phase recloser WE, WVE, VWE, VWVE three-phase recloser 5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear 27 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear 38 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear 5-15 kV Arc-resistant medium-voltage metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear 5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed narrow design load interrupter switchgear 5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed breaker 5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed switch over breaker combination Unitized power centers Aftermarket and direct replacements for Ampgard & SC9000 medium voltage control systems Medium voltage high resistance grounding Conventional single-phase overhead transformer Completely self-protected single-phase overhead transformer Envirotran single-phase overhead transformer PEAK single-phase overhead transformer Conventional single-phase pad-mounted transformer Completely self-protected single-phase pad-mounted transformer Envirotran single-phase pad-mounted transformer PEAK single-phase pad-mounted transformer VFI single-phase pad-mounted transformer Three-phase pad-mounted transformer Envirotran hardened data center three-phase pad-mounted transformer Envirotran hardened data center substation transformer Envirotran solar and energy storage three-phase pad-mounted transformers Envirotran three-phase pad-mounted transformers PEAK three-phase pad-mounted transformer VFI three-phase pad-mounted transformers Indoor powercenter substation transformer Multi-tap substation transformer PEAK substation transformer Substation transformer Triplex indoor powercenter substation transformer VFI substation transformers Envirotran critical load three-phase pad-mounted transformer Envirotran critical load substation transformer Current-limiting fuses Power fuses Cutouts Fuse links Transformer protection devices Capacitor fusing Deadbreak connectors Loadbreak connectors Insulated splices Junctions Elbow arresters SecTER cabinets and ground sleeves Faulted circuit indicators Transformer OEM equipment Secondary (LV) arresters Distribution arresters Intermediate and station class arresters Single-phase disconnect and bypass switches Three-phase switches Hi-Line equipment and tools Connectors Pole-line hardware Medium voltage dry type transformers Primary unit substations Secondary unit substations Medium voltage ventilated general purpose transformers Form 7 recloser control EVER-Tap vacuum interrupting voltage regulator Smart VFI transformer Arc-reduction VFI transformer ISG-SD padmounted switchgear ISG-SD submersible switchgear ISG-SD wallmount/vaultmount switchgear Replacement parts and accessories for metal-enclosed medium-voltage switchgear SC9000 CI medium-voltage variable frequency drive
Server racks, enclosures & airflow management
Advanced Electrical Power System Studies Aerospace laboratories Electrical power distribution automation and control solutions Electrical power distribution field services Electrical system studies, arc flash and coordination analysis Filtration lab and pilot plant services Foreseer Electrical Power Monitoring System Hydroelectric power plant automation and modernization | Eaton Microgrid and distributed energy resources Synchronous condenser design and conversion Transmission and distribution automation solutions Transmission and distribution substation design Turnkey electrical solutions Power breaker reconditioning and remanufacturing Medium voltage switchgear modernization and upgrades Low-voltage circuit breaker replacements | Eaton UPS battery replacement | UPS batteries| Eaton Hydraulics product training Hydraulics technology training Hydraulics custom training Eaton Cellwatch battery monitoring Switchgear retrofill and conversions Hydraulics training Aerospace global trading services Aerospace ducting and engine seal repair Hydraulic application and commercial engineering (ACE) Hydraulic cylinder repair Hydraulic fluid analysis Hydraulic global test services Hydraulic product and system training DMC intelligent machine solutions Eaton UPS and battery training